We would love, one day, to smell that the world has been changed for the better. We do what we do with this purpose.

Our main ingredient is Nature: we gather what is offered to us and use it to enrich each of our creations.

Music accompanies us in our creative process. Every product that leaves the Lab is made with peace, love and a pinch of Rock'n'roll.

If you want to buy, smell or just have a look around, here you can find all the products we have available.

Our Products


Our soaps are entirely organic and artisanal. Handmade with plant-based ingredients, olive oil and pure and organic essential oils.


Our natural candles are handmade with soy wax, scented with pure essential oils and natural fragrances. The wicks are made of organic hemp or birch wood

Beton Candles

Beton candles are soy wax candles poured into cement vases. Our cement is bio-certified and eco-compatible and hand mixed and poured by us.

Calligraphy Candles

White china candles hand-decorated by us with non-toxic waterproof ink. Calligraphy candles can be customized in graphics and fragrances.

Soy Tarts

Soy tarts are organic soy wax melts scented with pure essential oils. They can be melted in essence burners in place of essential oils.

Home fragrances

To scent home, drawers and wardrobes we offer many products, raging from scented plaster diffusers to lavender wands to room sprays.

Home Decor

Home decor solutions to arrange flowers, plants, spices and perfumes. Ideal for indoor and outdoor, our decorated and functional products can be customized and used in many different environments.


In the Wedding Area you can find many proposals for wedding and party favors. All our creations can be customized in shape, fragrance and graphics.